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About the Club

The Volkswagenwerk Classic and Vintage Club of Australia is a VW club whose members own some of the best VWs in Sydney. Members cars include Splits, Ovals, Cabrios, Kübels, Schwimmwagens, Kombis, Ghias and Type 3s, as well as many fine "normal" Beetles. We believe that you can't improve on perfection, and that old VWs should be kept in or restored to original condition, with the addition only of genuine accessories, or after-market items contemporary with the age of the car.

The Club has recently been incorporated, which has necessitated the slight change of name.

The philosophy of this page is similar to the VW Beetle - we will change the content as necessary, but the general look and feel only when it results in an improvement.

Check out some of our past events:

Volkswagen's 50th Jubilee in Australia

All VW Forum 2002
The 60th birthday of the Beetle 

50th Birthday of the Kombi 
Aussie VWs at Bad Camberg


Members Cars

Type 82e Kommanderwagen Replica - Ray Black
1944 Kübelwagen - Ray Black
1944 Schwimmwagen - Ray Black
1949 Beetle - John Gott Description: H:\Website\new.gif
1952 Beetle - Ray Black
1952 Cabriolet - Steve Müller
1953 Beetle - Ray Black Description: H:\Website\new.gif
1954 Cabriolet - Ray Black
1954 Beetle - Ray Black
1954 Kombi Single Cab - Paul McKinley
1955 Beetle - Ray Black
1956 Beetle - Ray Black
1958 Kombi Camper - Bill Moore
1959 Beetle - Caro Martin
1961 Beetle - Ray Black
1965 Type 3 Karmann Ghia - Andrew Dodd
1965 Beetle Sunroof - Michael Rochfort Description: H:\Website\new.gif
1968 Notchback - Meredith Kay
1970 Karmann Ghia Cabriolet - Greg Clarke
1970 Beetle - Robert and Judith Rothery
1971 Type 182 - Ray Black
1972 Karmann Cabriolet - Michael Rochfort
1972 Karmann Cabriolet - Andrew Dodd

Other Stuff

Bad Camberg 1999 - Bill Moore's Report.
The 60th birthday of the Beetle
Other Past Australian VW Events
VW in Australia - 1954 to 1977
Other Australian VW Clubs
Other VWs Seen and Appreciated
Members Businesses and Other Suppliers
Links to International Suppliers
The Australian VW Country Buggy Page and Register (includes the Oz 181 register)
VW Trends Country Buggy Article
Karmann History
The Shine before the Show
Sydney - Our Home Town

Description: [72 Cabrio]

See how this car was restored.

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